Tray Tags

Develop insights and drive efficencies with our wide range of intelligent materials. Our intelligent Tray and Bag Tags are approved for use by the USPS Mail Piece Design Analyst, and we produce them at the highest level for easy printing. The bottom line: these intelligent labels and tags allow mailers to make better decisions by providing accurate and detailed information.

Intelligent barcodes are used to take advantage of the full automation prices given by the USPS. The robust intelligent barcode is capable of encoding complex information and can be used on up to a billion mail pieces per mailing.

Intelligent Barcode & Tag Specifications

A tray tag must meet these specifications:
  • Weight must be a 100 lbs ± 20% (500 sheets, 24" by 36")
  • Length must be 3.250" minimum; 3.515" maximum (parallel to printing)
  • Height 1.360" minimum; 2.015" maximum (perpendicular to printing)

All mailing tabs have been approved by the USPS Mailpiece Design Analyst

MAIL: The Journal of Communication Distribution

Mail communications is a serious business. Even in the internet age it remains the primary means by which businesses bill their clients, distribute printed matter, fulfill their products, and market their company. In every medium to large company there is a person who is responsible for managing these internal and external activities. It is for that professional manager that MAIL: The Journal of Communication Distribution is written.