Translucent Tabs

Our translucent tabs are manufactured with an ultra-clear translucent paper. Why would you place a tab on a marketing piece and have it detract from its great design or message? Our ultra-clear translucent allows for your message to stand out! The adhesive used in our tabs adheres well on most applications, but will perform really well on difficult low energy surfaces, like gloss varnished marketing pieces. Our tabs are manufactured with a good combination of quick tack and high shear making it ideal for high speed applications like mailing tabs. The adhesive used on our tabs is a premium structure that limits adhesive oozing and adhesive build-up on your application equipment. Our high strength liner is ideal for quality die cutting and will eliminate web breaks on your application line.

Translucent Tabs Price Per Case
Item #Size MaterialQty Per
Qty Per
1 - 4 Cases5 - 9 Cases10 - 15 Cases 16 + Cases
1" Tabs

3008021" Translucent Paper30,000 150,000 Narrow $238.31$191.97$180.38$168.81
3008031" Translucent Paper5,000 100,000 Wide$143.43$135.70$127.98$122.47
1.5" Tabs

3008261.5"Translucent Paper30,000120,000Narrow$266.11$250.23$225.08$206.54
3008341.5"Translucent Paper20,00080,000Narrow$188.01$174.76$157.98$137.69
3008161.5"Translucent Paper12,50075,000Narrow$187.01$173.76$163.83$140.67
3008231.5"Translucent Paper4,00048,000Narrow$124.44$116.50$111.21$104.85
2" Tabs

3008192" Translucent Paper7,500 22,500 Narrow $113.95$106.00$98.80$96.07

MAIL: The Journal of Communication Distribution

Mail communications is a serious business. Even in the internet age it remains the primary means by which businesses bill their clients, distribute printed matter, fulfill their products, and market their company. In every medium to large company there is a person who is responsible for managing these internal and external activities. It is for that professional manager that MAIL: The Journal of Communication Distribution is written.