Direct Thermal Tray Tags

Our material expertise provides a variety of leading solutions, starting with our Direct Thermal Tray Tags- which can be used without a ribbon and are manufactured using a 7.5 pt. face sheet with perforations between tags. This allows for seamless printing in Whittier* or alike direct thermal printers to increase efficiency in your mailing.

Direct Thermal Tray Tags  Price Per Carton 
Item #Tags Per
Tray Or
Bag Tags
ColorTag Size In
1 - 11
12 - 23
24 - 49
1 7/8" Depth Tag
5350038MTrayWhite3.3 x 1 7/81$87.71$62.55$58.14
5350048MTrayCherry3.3 x 1 7/81$87.71$62.55$58.14
 Whittier® Tags: 1.9" Depth   
53500120MTrayWhite1.9 x 3.41$494.88$360.84$344.76
5350025MTrayCherry1.9 x 3 1/21$127.42$92.92$88.77

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